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A Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Campaign ~ Indefinitely on Hiatus

The Avengers, The Fantastic Four and most of the worlds known heroes are dead, gone or other after an unexplained catastrophic event destroyed Avengers Mansion 6 months ago.

A prison break frees the world’s deadliest supervillains and SHIELD is forced to rely on an unproven motly of super-powered beings to aid them in a newly restructured world that is rapidly leaving the concept of SHIELD authority behind.

In a world where a mutant cure has become mandatory for “dangerous” mutants and the nations of the world are uniting under a new banner with a new Excalibur as the world’s premier super-powered team, can SHIELD and these unlikely heroes continue to maintain order and protect the innocent?

Should they even try?

And what will happen if they don’t?….

The Heroes

Distinctions: Man out of Time, Out for Redemption, Under Review

Iron Maiden
Distinctions: Prime Sentinel Prototype, Combat Pragmatist, Dangerously Genre Savvy

Jim Haggard
Distinctions: Last of His Kind, Noir Private Dic, Bugbear

Distinctions: “The Man Who Casts A Thousand Shadows”, “I’m Never Alone!” Reformed Villain

We now return you to your regular scheduled program…

When? ???

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