Hero Cheat Sheet

1. Decide who you want to hurt (attack), help (support), or heal (recover) and describe how.
2. Build your dice pool.
3. Spend Plot Points (PP) on your pool.
4. Roll your dice.
5. Set aside opportunities (dice that roll a 1, you can’t use them).
6. Add together two dice for your total (higher is better).
7. Choose a die (from your remaining dice, not in your total) as your effect die. If you have none, it’s a D4.
8. Spend PP on your roll.
9. Declare your final total, effect die, and opportunities.
10. Opponents may buy your opportunities with PPs.
11. Opponents try to stop you (reaction rolls) by following steps 2-10 above. If you want to hurt a target, they roll dice from their datafile. If you want to help or heal a target, the Watcher rolls the doom pool (plus any affected traits).
12. You win if your total is equal or higher (you win ties).
13. Adjust and use effect die.

 Quick version: grab one trait from every box on your datafile.
 Detailed version: Look at your datafile then add…
…one die from your current Affiliation.
(solo if you’re alone, buddy if you’re with an ally, team if you’re with 2+ allies)
…one Distinction, either as a or a +1PP.
( means your Distinction gives you trouble but you also get 1 Plot Point)
…one die from each Power Set.
…one die from a Specialty.
…if available, one asset die, one push, stunt, or resource die,
one complication die, and one of our opposition’s stress dice.

 If your total’s value is 5 or higher than your opponent’s total, for every 5 over, step up your effect die. If you step it up past D12, you may use a second effect die from your roll.
 If you try to hurt your opponent but their effect die size is larger than yours, step back your effect die.

 Create a trait equal to your effect die size.
 Stress is used to hurt a target and lasts till recovered.
 Complications are like Stress but last 1 scene.
 Assets are used to help, last 1 roll, can be given to someone else, and starts at least as a D6.
 Step up or down a trait (except trauma). If stress or complications exceeds D12, target can take actions till recovered.
 Shut down or remove a trait if your effect die size is equal or larger (except trauma).

 Add an extra trait (from your datafile or other sources).
 Add a D8 stunt die (if you use a Power or Specialty creatively).
 Add one of your stress dice (not trauma). Then step up it up.
 Add a D6 push die.

 Use an effect die from your reaction roll as a counter attack!
 Add an extra die to your total (from your roll).
 Use an extra effect die (from your roll).
 Change stress you’ve taken to another type of stress.
 Make an asset last till the end of this scene.
 Make a complication last till the end of the next Action scene.

 Use special effects (SFX) that cost PP to activate.
 Activate a Villain’s Limit. Assuming it makes sense in the story.
 If a power could easily remove a trait, ask the Watcher and they may let you skip rolling, spend a PP, and succeed automatically!

 Create resource linked to a Specialty. D6 for Expert, D8 for Master. Lasts until end of next Action Scene. Only you can use it.

 Step up a push, stunt, asset or create a resource (lasts 1 scene).

 Use your or a scene Distinction against yourself.
 Activate a Limit on your Power Set.
 When the Watcher buys your opportunities with PP.
 Watcher may reward you if you roleplay being stressed out.

 You may hit the 1 XP Milestone trigger as often as you like.
 You may hit the 3 XP Milestone trigger once per Scene.
 You may hit the 10 Milestone XP trigger once per Act. Once you hit this trigger you may choose a new Milestone.
 Gain 1 XP when the Watcher spends a D12 doom die.

Note: You may only spend XP during Transition Scenes.
 Spend 1 XP to gain 1 Plot Point. This increases the minimum PP you start each session with by +1 to a maximum of 5 PP. But PP resets to 1 at the beginning of a new Act.
 You can spend 5 XP to:
…Switch two Affiliations.
…Replace a Distinction with a new one.
…Add or replace a Limit in a Power Set.
…Unlock a minor Event resource.
 You can spend 10 XP to:
…Step up a D6 power trait.
…Add a new D6 Skill group.
…Remove a Limit from a Power Set that has two or more Limits.
…Unlock a major Event resource.
 You can spend 15 XP to:
…Add a new D6 power trait to a Power Set.
…Step up a D8 power trait.
…Add a new SFX to a Power Set.
…Add a new Professional Specialty or upgrade a Professional to Expert.
 You can spend 25 XP to:
…Step up a d10 power trait.
…Step up an Expert Specialty to Master.
…Replace an existing Power Set with a new one.

Hero Cheat Sheet

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