Iron Maiden

Prime Sentinel Prototype, Combat Pragmatist, Dangerously Genre Savvy


Solo D10, Team D8, Buddy D6

Zero Tolerance
Subsonic Flight – d8
Enhanced Reflexes – d8
Enhanced Strength – d8
Superhuman Stamina – d10
Superhuman Durability – d10

SFX: Nanite Regeneration. Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma by -1.
SFX: Bodyguard. Spend 1 PP to take physical stress intended for a nearby ally or friend.
Limit: Heavy Metal. On a magnetic, electromagnetic, or electrical attack, change any Zero Tolerance power into a complication and gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.
Limit: I Am Not a Gun. Earn 1PP if you step up emotional stress inflicted by anti-mutant groups and leaders.

Mutant Countermeasures
Railgun – d12
Enhanced Sensors – d10

SFX: Dampening Field. Add a d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when inflicting a Power Drain complication on a mutant target.
SFX: Area Attack. Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add D6 to your pool and keep +1 effect die.
Limit: Power Surge. Shutdown highest-rated power to gain 1PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.

Tech d6
Hacking d10
Electronics d10

Unarmed d6
Combatives d8

Guns d6
Integrated Projectile Weapons Systems d8

Covert d6
Con d8
Stealth d8

Built For One Purpose
1XP When you are first in a situation where being a Sentinel is considered awkward.
3XP When you are fully welcomed to a team or not trusted by the team. -complete
10XP When you reveal your true identity and purpose or leave the team without doing so.

Final Trump Card
1XP When your Sentinel programming comes online.
3XP When you fool your target into believing you mean them no harm.
10XP When you eliminate your target or die trying.



Identity: Olivia Stavros [Public]

The Prime Sentinels were one of the many horrors birthed by Operation: Zero Tolerance. Bastion authorized continued improvements on the Sentinel model while the operation was in full swing, the outcome of which would eventually lead to the fielding of the Omega Prime series. However, the process of “upgrading” wasn’t a smooth one, and faced many fits and starts. Several prototype and experimental models were created and discarded as their hosts rejected either the cybernetic implants or the programming, going irrevocably insane upon activation.

To overcome the problems of physical and mental strain, a fully synthetic body was created. Like the Prime Sentinels, this body had the outward appearance of an ordinary human, but was given a complex human personality matrix, thanks to techniques perfected by Donald Pierce. To further alleviate rejection, it would be programmed to know that it was a machine. It would also shirk the guise of civilian, instead seeking out to become a well-known and trusted superhero. Bastion took his gambit one step further, by allowing the machine to know and understand its true purpose, with the very idea that its human side would reject its programming in the name of free will. If this variable was accounted for, it could be controlled.

Thus was Olivia Stavros brought online. Propelled by futuristic nanotechnology and rebelling against the aims of her creator, it didn’t take long for her to engage in heroics under the guise of the Iron Maiden, a riff on Iron Man. Aiming to undo the damage Bastion intended to inflict on mutants, she fought alongside the X-men against Bastion’s Sentinels, saving several innocents from termination. After S.H.I.E.L.D. ended Operation: Zero Tolerance, the truth of her existence came to light. Having proven herself an ally to the X-men, Beast took an interest in Olivia’s case, having had some success in reprogramming Prime Sentinels. He deleted her anti-mutant programming and restored her free will, allowing her to find her own way in the world. Knowing that “become a superhero” was an intended directive, she’s rebelled against that too, opting to serve as a high-rent bodyguard while trying to lead a normal life.

Except not really. Her programming is hardcoded, as integral to her as her personality. What Beast deleted was a bit of dummy code meant for the express purpose of being found and removed. Olivia has acted exactly as Bastion designed her to. Her insidious programming is still active, and she remains a sleeper agent. Already, events are conspiring in which Olivia will feel it necessary to once again become the Iron Maiden. From there, it’s just a matter of time before she earns the trust of the superhero community. When the time is right, when all conditions are met, the Sentinel OS will awaken, and when it does, she’ll be in perfect position to strike at whichever targets Bastion’s deemed the most dangerous.

Iron Maiden

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