Jim Haggard

Furry Private Dic



Power Set: Big Fuzzy Alien
Superhuman Strength:D10
Superhuman Durability:D10
Superhuman Stamina:D10

SFX: Unleashed, Second Wind, Multipower,

Limits: Delusions of Grandeur: When affected by mutant-specific complications and tech, you suffer the affect but gain no PP. When you think you should be affected by alien-specific complications and tech, shutdown a POWER SET power and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.

Specialties: Covert Expert D8
—Stealth D8
—Streetwise D8
—Informants D8
—Police Procedures D8
—Intimidate D8
—Deduction D8
—Investigation D8
Unarmed Combat-D6
—Brawling D8

Milestones: Read My Lips!
1xp when you assert that you are an alien
3xp when you reject or believe evidence that you are a mutant
10xp when you accept being a mutant to gain an opportunity or reject mutanthood to lose an opportunity.

Helping Hand
1xp when you join an NPC in combat
3xp when you setup a teammate for an attack
10xp when you defeat an enemy without directly causing stress


From S.H.I.E.L.D. Data File:
Real Name: Jim Haggard. US Citizen. Registered Mutant(Specific Details surrounding Registration Red-Flagged for f/u investigation)
Occupation: Private Investigator. (License Status: Current)
Identity: Public (S.H.I.E.L.D. assigned codename not currently utilized in private sector)


Born all furry. Orphaned to catholic orphanage in some run-down cruddy part of NYC. Raised there until he ran away at around 16 and started doing some petty crimes to get by. Was pulled under the wing of an ‘ends justify the means’ cop who wanted to keep him out of trouble (think Vic Makkey from The Shield). 5 years later, when that cop was inevitably pulled in on corruption charges, Jim went off on his own and started doing some private investigating. He still keeps up contacts in the NYPD and does a lot of investigating that the cops can’t be seen doing. In return, they try to cover for Jim when he gets overzealous in stopping crime.

Things have gotten pretty bad over the past 6 months.

Hell’s Kitchen has literally gone to hell. Or at least it was until the bodies started showing up. Thugs, gangsters, scum of all kinds turning up dead. Scuttlebutt says it’s the Punisher. If so, the place has basically become a one-man-run police state. One that’s just one or two pissed off crime bosses away from becoming a full blown warzone.

The rest of the city has seen a steady rise in crime since the majority of the big time local heroes died with the Avengers. All except Yancy Street. Seems like a gang of local hoodlums has taken to keeping the streets safe and tagging known problem areas with the phrase “Remember Grimm”.

The majority of your NYPD contacts have taken to giving you the cold shoulder, some going so far as to tell you to take that damn mutie magic potion cure. As if that’d do anything other than give your alien bowels violent gas. The only contact that’s remained at least somewhat reliable is Detective Flint. I guess he learned not to be too picky with potential resources, with him being the one saddled with all the Moon Knight related cases. Though, it seems to have left him a bit unhinged as well, unfortunately. He’s gotten especially moody since it turns out Moon Knight’s probably dead too. Still, a contact’s a contact.

Things are looking up, though. Your current case has finally warmed up a little. Seems like you’ll be taking a stroll down by the docks in the rain tonight…

Jim Haggard

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