Ultimate Powers

I am compiling an expanded, detailed list of common powers in the Marvel Universe, ripped straight from the classic Marvel Super Heroes Ultimate Powers Book along with some suggestions on how to implement them for your character.

No sweeping changes like with the Skills/Specialties from the standpoint of game mechanics, just a more specific list of power choices. Once this is complete, you can just go through the list and work out what powers reflect your current power sets and amend some of the information on your Datafile or in your notes as you feel is appropriate. It is likely that you will feel that no changes will really need to be made on your Datafile at all, but the lists may inspire you towards new ideas for your character’s advancement. Some guidelines for referencing the Ultimate Powers list are included below as well.

You may notice that there are no “Super Strength” or “Super Stamina” type powers. This is because the Marvel Super Heroes system had traditional character attributes that could be at superhuman levels.

To be clear: At this time using “Ultimate Powers” in any way will NOT be mandatory.

This list should function as a guide for both creating new characters and powers as well as a reference when trying to define what a particular power should be able to accomplish.

Note that many of these powers would require several specific SFXs and Limits to be properly represented in the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game. Making up completely new SFXs is appropriate as long as they are Watcher-approved. A particular Power may be best represented as a Power Set with sub-powers detailed within it. You may also find suggestions for Power Stunts which would be appropriate ways to use PP to gain a Stunt die through power use. I’m finding that some of the power descriptions are challenging to represent in the MHR rules, but nevertheless, these powers provide a much more informative guideline for a character’s options and limits.

This list is truly one of “ideas” and not “rules”. I do suggest basing your character’s powers from this list as much as possible, mainly so we all have a clearer definition of what your hero can and cannot do with their powers by default and how those powers could logically change and grow throughout the campaign. Again, though. Any changes are completely optional and should only be made if they make sense to you.

From a mechanics standpoint, this is how I will be considering the organization of Power Sets based on the Ultimate Powers List:
“Bonus Powers” should be considered a given part of any Power Set built off the power that notes this. It is reasonable to assume that this aspect of your power set is implied.
“Optional Powers” are suggestions of additional powers that could make sense as part of the Power Set which includes the power you are choosing.
“Power Stunts” generally would be treated just like optional powers when building a power set OR as examples of raw effects that can be perfromed as Stunts when taking an action and spending Plot Points. If you like the idea of some of the Power Stunts, just make a note of them on your Datafile and whip some of them out when you spend your Plot Points. They also make good suggestions for new powers to spend XP on.

Defense Powers

Detection Powers

Energy Control Powers

Energy Emission Powers

Fighting Powers

Illusionary Powers

Lifeform Control Powers

Magic Powers

Matter Control Powers

Matter Conversion Powers

Matter Creation Powers

Mental Enhancement Powers

Physical Enhancement Powers

Power Control Powers

Self-Alteration Powers

Travel Powers

Ultimate Powers

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