Act I - Exodus

New Event Milestones available at the beginning of this act:

1 XP when you resist/defy SHIELD authority or confront a teammate for doing so.
3 XP when you withhold important information from SHIELD or defy the decision or your team in order to report to SHIELD.
10 XP when you sever all ties with SHIELD and go rogue or when you give up your personal identity for full instatement as a SHIELD operative.

1 XP when you confront another unaffiliated hero or team over jurisdiction.
3 XP when you let a grudge match with an unaffiliated hero or team prevent you from completing a mission or goal.
10 XP when you prove your team superior to another or concede to their superiority and join the opposing force.

1 XP when you choose to seek out and confront an ally who has lost their way.
3 XP when you or another ally to suffer trauma at the hands of a lost ally.
10 XP when you allow a lost ally a chance at redemption or put them out of their misery for the greater good.

1 XP when you defy orders/expectations in order to pursue an independent investigation.
3 XP when you discover an important hidden truth through independent discovery and not through 3rd party information.
10 XP when you use information you’ve obtained, alone or with your team to prevent a great disaster/tragedy or realize that by pursuing such a truth you have only made things worse.

Act I - Exodus

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