Water-Man (Lance) - SHIELD Super Agent - MIA

Liquid Lifeform - Altered human


Agent Lance Wiedemann

F: 20.16
A: 20.16
S: 10.8
E: 20.20
R: 20.16
I: 10.8
P: 30.26

Health: 60
Karma: 50
Resources: ?
Popularity: ?

Shapeshifting 6.5

Military, First aid, Escape artist, Martial arts A and C, Demolitions, Submersible pilot, Underwater combat, Languages(English, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian), Geology

Armored suit, GD phys protection, EX fire protection
Blaster, EX damage, 5 area range
Handgun, GD shooting damage
Thermite bomb, frag grenade x2, smoke grenade
Garrote, flex saw, radio linked computer 2 ammo clips


Back story:
Before joining S.H.I.E.L.D. Lance worked as a geologist and explosives expert for Roxxon. While setting exploratory charges for a survey in an area that was off limits for exploitation he encountered a previously undiscovered life form. An accident occured which ruptured his suit and exposed him to the life form an altered his genetic makeup. Roxxon purged all records of him and denied his existence. Works for S.H.I.E.L.D. to pay the bills and so that one day he won’t have to sleep in a bucket.

Water-Man (Lance) - SHIELD Super Agent - MIA

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