Shrinky-Dink(Bill) - SHIELD Super Agent - MIA

Eccentric (Ex)Billionare turned liquid chemical inside Hydrolic Human Form Robot - SHIELD Super Agent (Active as of 6 months ago)


Primary Abilities

  • Fighting – Typical (6.5)
  • Agility – Remarkable (30.26)
  • Strength – Typical (6.5)
  • Endurance – Typical (6.5)
  • Reason – Remarkable (30.26)
  • Intuition – Typical (6.5)
  • Psyche – Typical (6.5)

Secondary Abilities

  • Resources – n/a
  • Popularity – 10
  • HEALTH 41
  • KARMA 36

Diminution / Atomic Reduction – Incredible(40.36): The hero can reduce the size of a target. The target must be in line of sight and within one area of the hero. Any material can be Diminished by this Power With the sole exception of material that has already been Diminished by an equal or higher rank of this Power. In such a case, the would-be target is assumed to already be Diminished to a further point than the hero could reach anyway. The level to which the hero can Diminish a target is determined by the Power rank. Levels appropriate to this Power are:

Rank | Resultant Size(% of Original Size)
FE | 50%
PR | 25%
TY | 12.5%
GD | 6.25%
EX | 3%
RE | 1%
IN | .5%

The duration of Diminution on a target is determined by a Reason FEAT made at the time the Power is used on the target. A green Reason FEAT gives a duration of the Reason rank number times 100 turns. A yellow FEAT increase this to 10,000 turns times the Reason rank number. A red FEAT makes the diminution permanent; in such a case the only way the target can return to its original size is through use of Enlargement, Magic, or Power Negation.

It is assumed that when the Power is used, the hero intends to Diminish the entire target. If the hero specifies, he can attempt to shrink only part of a target. Since this is equivalent to tearing the target apart, a Power FEAT determined by the Material Strength of the target is required to do such an act.

The Power can automatically effect a non-living, stationary, unprotected target. Moving targets require the hero to make an Agility FEAT to hit the target with his Power. Living targets are allowed to resist the Power’s effects in the same way they would resist any energy attack. Targets can be protected from Diminution by such Powers as Force Field vs. Energy, Resistance to Energy, True Invulnerability, certain Magics and Power Controls, and the simultaneous use of an
opposing Enlargement Power.

Enlargement / Atomic Gain – Incredible (40.36): The hero can increase the size of any target. The target can be of any nature and must be within both line-of-sight and one area of the hero’s location. Any material can be
enlarged with one exception; the Power cannot affect any target that has already been Enlarged by another Power of equal or greater rank. In such a case, the would-be target is assumed to already be Enlarged past any point the hero could have Enlarged it to anyway. The amount the hero can Enlarge a target is determined by the Power rank. The levels to which the hero can Enlarge a target are shown below:

Rank | Resultant Size(x original size)
FE | 1.5X
PR | 2X
TY | 3X
GD | 4X
EX | 6X
RM | 8X
IN | 10X

The duration of the Enlargement is determined by a Reason FEAT made at the time the Power is used. A green FEAT gives the Enlargement a duration of 100 turns times the hero’s Reason rank number. A yellow FEAT increases that to 10,000 turns times the Reason number. A red FEAT makes the Enlargement permanent. As the target expands, it gains real strength sufficient to move its new mass. Real strength increases +1CS for each +2CS of Enlargement the target is exposed to.

Enlargement Rank | Weight | Max. Lift
FE | 300 lb. | TY/200 lb.
PR | 400 lb. | GD/400 lb.
TY | 600 lb. | GD/600 lb.
GD | 800 lb. | EX/800 lb.
EX | 1200 lb. | EX/1200
RE | 1600 lb. | RE/2000
IN | 2000 lb. | RE/4000

The target’s other Primary and Secondary Abilities remain unaffected. The disadvantages of great size negate the advantages. However, Health seems to increase because physical attacks do less relative damage. For example, a single bullet could kill a normal sized person but would be little more than a high-velocity grain of sand to a giant. The damage done by Physical Attacks decreases -1CS for each +2CS of Enlargement. Note: the damage that didn’t affect the giant might be fatal when he reverts to normal size. Wounds shrink but bullets do not.


  • Robotics – This skill allows a +1CS in dealing with Robotic construction, design, maintenance, and theory.
  • Pilot – Aircraft
  • Marksman (Integrated Targeting System)
  • Martial Arts M (Self Preservation System)

Shrinky-Dink(Bill) - SHIELD Super Agent - MIA

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