Breaking Bonds

Screwed Savagely - 07/08/12 Recap

oh noes! Construct denials of DOOM!

Deciding to pursue escaped prisoner, Karl Lykos directly instead of confronting the one that broke him out, Electro, our heroes file paperwork and get away with a brand new untested SHIELD jet-transport prototype. They then proceed to crash it smack dab in the middle of the Savage Land.

Separated by the crash, Will and Cha-Ka are ambushed by velociraptors who don’t do much more than annoy them. Meanwhile, Rick is almost eaten by Grumpy but is saved by Holly who shoots it in the back with a boom-stick.

After the team regroups around the crash site, they argue for an inordinate amount of time about whether to seek out possible aid from Savage Land native, Ka-Zar or search the most likely areas for Sauron and his cronies.

While they bicker like school children, they are jumped by a horde of Savage Land Mutates led by some lame X-men villains. Although there is some pretty heavy back and forth during the fight, Nipple-Pinching Mutate, Vertigo gave Flamestrike nosebleeds and made Iron Maiden question her sexuality(or lack thereof), knocking them both out of the fight. Jim and Shadowbox managed to keep the remaining villains occupied and even bring down Mortal Kombat legend, Barbarus before Vertigo shut them down with a heavy Plot Hammer of nausea and unconsciousness.

Captured by the enemy, our heroes are certainly going to wake up in a bit of a pickle.



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