Breaking Bonds

Breakout Recap 06/10/12

odd coupling

Previously on Disassembled Justice…

Hello sailor. Coffee in the park. Stalk the Private Eye. Baby Black Nick Fury! Kid Mom Cigarette Boats. My robot brain needs employment. Lights out. Big Flashing “Plot This Way”. Boat Ride! Teleportation demonstration. Shadowy Stowaway. Carnage! MOBZZZZ. Dead boat body parts. Helicoptor Smash! Iron Fury Team-Up! Boat Stall gravely conversation. Dog pile Agent Coulson. Sonic Symbiotic shutdown. I am the COON!! Count Nefaria is a douchebag. Tentacles to the face! Tying up the boat is exciting. Assistant Teachers are hard to kill. Holy $#&@% what they hell is that shadow thing?! Why was this guy so popular in the 90s anyway? Leaping into the fray! Count Nefaria is immune to fire-ropes. Shadowy intimidation and bitch-slaps. Making little carnage babies. Fuzzy dicks love Shield Agents. Nefaria beats feets. Two against One Sonic impaired fun. Mopping up. Carnage lock-down, Fury venomized Foggy pees himself. Drafted or Shafted? Grading papers. Sharing a Taxi. Furry Noir Mystery Tour. Can I crash at your place? Payment confirmation. Morning teleportation exercises. Coffee house research. What’s a “Savage Land”?

4 unexpected heroes rushed to the aid of overwhelmed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents when an unexplained power surge blacks out half the city and prompts a mass prisoner breakout from the “top secret” super villain detention facility, The Raft.

While the heroes manage to save some lives and prevent most of the prisoners from escaping, many of the world’s most dangerous villains are now on the loose.

Who was behind the breakout? How did they overcome S.H.I.E.L.D.’s defenses? Will Shadowbox be a courteous roommate? Some of these questions may be answered, some may not.

The only thing we know for sure is someone’s going to get hit in the face. A lot.



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