Breaking Bonds

Hunting Trip Recap 06/24/12

Nefarious Developments

Self Eradicating Sent/Prime-Grade Data Worm engaged>>>
Level 2 Security Hack Successful >>> > Accessing…
>>> >>

Agent Phil Coulson – Probationary SHIELD Super-Agent Liaison follow up report

  • Subject 1 – Apprehension of escaped super powered criminal, John Horton (aka Griffin) confirmed via S.H.I.E.L.D. pick-up/containment unit. Re-secured in backup facility – lockdown code transmitted and confirmed by monitoring agent.
  • Incident Location/s – Central Park, NY
  • USH involvement – nil.
  • Collateral Damage Remarks – Minor to nil / minimal damage to park property due to
    PSSA involvement. Damage/Casualties caused by escaped subject prior to PSSA arrival on scene confirmed and noted in supplemental report.
  • Performance Evaluation – Acceptable.

Subject 2 – Black-Line File/UN/HOPE/EXCALIBUR Directive >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>

>>>INSUFFICIENT SECURITY CLEARANCE…access denied<<< data scan initiated – Low Level Security Unlocked<<>> Partial Data link established via bypass…

Uploading… >>>> >> Data Corruption Detected>>>

Salvaging… Partial Uploaded Completed>>> > >>

asf0976q4mn16p3490iqj-ritqer>>>>>> <<<< afj_q90834-614n;

  • Performance Evaluation – Unacceptable / Partial apprehension. Details under review.
    Additional Active File Trigger | requires Level 9 investigation/file update Supplemental follow-up data linked – Data mine/researching/linking/analysis in process – suggested action pending>>

afjk36902u-3j62;6;j][]3512n <<<< <<

Partial Apprehension – Subject Antonio Rodriguez(AKA Armadillo) 16-109jq3;mkaelyp <<<< g1-3904ij>> >> >

Suplimental Note – Per recommendation from PSSA, Iron Maiden Subject is to be referred for probationary review: Mental Evaluation / Rehabilitation / Protocol TB. Personal Comment >>>pending initial psych report<<<

File: BREAKOUT – Update>>> fjap106=1j q361=-306i at134:"1]3[4;
MIA – Subject Morris Bench
MIA – Subject Paul Duval

**Addendum – Subject Luchino Nefaria—Confirmed Status: DECEASED >>>link to Level 9 investigation/Active File Trigger<<< 5-12516-13v8 -39861=3 681=69183= 6134jvv34=t1+_(& +_(&!H= 902j =4912u6 1=35=

12360196 161=3 jgmk 0194u6=69 (&^ %)&) h13 48h14 _6-)% (*&2649h

ALERT: System intrusion detected by advanced anti-viral program>>>> Unable to Evade/ANTI-TRACE PROTOCOL ENGAGED::CODEPASS "BASTION">>> Terminating Hack>>> >> >



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